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Steve Hermanos is a writer with wide-ranging interests. But his obsession with baseball is driving him to write a series of time-travel novels about the sport.

Steve has been profiled in the New York Times and other publications. He owned a sports bar, and was a baseball card dealer.

He is a consultant to the Helmar Baseball Art Card Company, and writes the backs of their 1933 Goudey-style cards. Steve plays softball in a beer-and-junk-food league in San Francisco, and coaches Little League.


With his background in comedy writing, and teaching, Steve is an outstanding speaker. Contact Steve to speak with your Bay Area group about sports, sportswriting, writing riveting stories, or how we can make poetry relevant in America. He's very pleased that an old acquaintance, Bob Dylan, won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Over the years Steve has had drinks with Dylan, Yankees manager Billy Martin, and Prince Albert of Monaco.


Steve is the author of the novel Strange Jazz, and Going, Going, Gone.


Steve reviews baseball books for the New York Journal of Books (click and scroll down).





Steve's San Francisco Marina Times sports columns:

"A rollicking rollercoaster ride through the essence of what makes America worthwhile."

-- David Henry Sterry, author, Satchel Sez (with Arielle Ekstut)

"An astonishing triple-play of baseball, time-travel, and unforgettable characters. It sent thrilling chills up my spine."

-- Zack Hample, author, Watching Baseball Smarter and The Ball

"A fascinating journey through time, filled with surprising twists and inside curves."

-- Hugh Delehanty, author, Eleven Rings (with Phil Jackson)

"A delight."

-- Lamar Herrin, author, Fractures and The Rio Loja Ringmaster


Listen to Steve belting out poetry, and having a great time on the Murph & Mac Show.







The surest way to contact Steve is by email: SteveHermanos (a.t.) y$a$h$oo dot com (text intentionally scrambled to fight spam).




 5)  Game 3 1978 World Series. Ron Guidry, exhausted after winning 25 regular season games, guttily hurls while third baseman Craig Nettles has one of the greatest defensive World Series games in history. My dad, and sister.

4)   June 13, 2013. 18-inning game, Yankees Vs. A's. Mariano Rivera is brought in for the bottom of the 18th and loses the game. It was the final of a three-game set and I have always wondered if Mariano just wanted to get out of there. I was rooting for 20+ innings, because those are rarer than perfect games. Junior, and Cousin Scott, and Teacher Charlie.

3)   Game 4 World Series, 2001. Derek Jeter's Mr. November home run. Tino Martinez ties it up in the 9th with a two-run homer. NYC was hurting less than two months after 9/11, and this win was incredibly cathartic. Solo.

2)   June 25, 2014. Tim Lincecum no-hitter. His second. He burned like a giant meteor. Junior.

1)   Game 6 NLCS 2014. Mike Morse ties it up with a pinch-hit homer in the 8th. Journeyman Travis Ishikawa hits a walk-off homer. Glorious pandemonium (generating copious poetry for "O, Gigantic Victory Trilogy!"). Best wife ever, and Junior.




Instagram @stevehermanos

In non-Covid times, in the mornings, I'm usually hanging out at Cafe Divino in Sausalito, California. Come on by.