Baseball Poems

By Steve Hermanos

The 2010, 2012 & 2014 Championship Seasons

"Brilliant & Hilarious!"

-- Brian Murphy, KNBR Radio 

"Hermanos makes me hunger for the upcoming season."

-- The New York Times



2010's "O, Gigantic Victory!" was written in a frantic three-week spree in November 2010, after the San Francisco Giants captured their first world championship (the team won five while based in New York's Harlem through 1957). Quickly self-published, I was selling it out of my car and at local bookstores and online. I mailed it to every baseball writer and sports radio guy in the Bay Area and at the New York Times. It led to a fun flurry of interviews and radio appearances.

I continued to blog baseball poetry, and then in 2012, the Giants won again. "Orange Waves of Giants!" was born.

In 2014, it was "Floating Giants!"

What a heck of a lot of fun, and I hope you'll find some poignancy and profundity.

Listen to Steve belting out baseball poetry, and having a great time on the Murph & Mac Show.




  "It's perfect!"

   --Ken Burns, filmmaker

  "Hermanos makes me hunger for

   the upcoming season."

   -- The New York Times

  "Brilliant, and hilarious."

  -- Brian Murphy

  "He lets it all hang out!"

   -- Andy Musser, Philadelphia

   Phillies broadcaster



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