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3/1/22 Interview with Eric Schubring, WOJB-FM Wisconsin NPR affiliate. Great questions and Eric said lots of nice things about "Going, Going, Gone!" Plus questions about Voitech Jasny, Czeck filmmaker, and my professor at Columbia Film School!


3/3/22 Interview with Paul McCaffrey and Tony Rhein on the Paulie Mac Podcast. I first met Paul in 2011 at an appearance on KNBR's Murph & Mac Show, when Paul told me that he used to drink at my old bar, The Polo Grounds, in New York City (where I most likely carded him). This is my second appearance on Paulie's Podcast, and the energy is cranked up to 11.

3/4/22 Interview with Shelly Irwin, WGVU-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan NPR affiliate. Short 'n sweet!


2/22/22 Interview with Warren Lawrence, WKNY-AM, Kingston, New York. Warren has hosted this radio show since 1973. His friend, Dan, was on hand, who saw Mets games at the Polo Grounds in 1963. Great interview, even if it started at 4:35AM my time, all without performance enhancers! Thank you, Lawrence & Dan, what great fun! Please buy Going, Going, Gone! right now. It means a lot to me. Feel free to email me and I'll explain.


3/18/22 Interview with Rob Hakala, WATD-FM, South Shore & Cape Cod, Mass. Zippy & fun.